Problème avec Photoshop CS5

VICTOIRE! J’ai finalement trouvé la solution à mon problème de défilement de menu dans Photoshop CS5! Depuis l’installation de ce dernier, j’avais des problèmes à changer d’outils rapidement à l’aide des boutons de ma boîte à outils. Ça me prenait toujours 3-5 secondes pour arriver à les changer et cela devenait très désagréable à la longue. À force de chercher sur le forum d’Adobe, j’ai lu ceci:

> Wahooo! I think I found the problem with the hang on choosing submenus. Thanks Chris and Jeffrey for you rapid responses on this issue. > > The source of the slow down is a great little utility of OS X called « RightZoom » by blazingtools. It’s a cool app that lets intercepts clicks in application and folder windows on the expand button and opens the window corner to corner of the screen. It works well but sometimes does not play nice with application interfaces. I actually need a better brain cause I had an issue related with Illustrator CS4 and selecting with the direct selection tool. > > There are two options to correct the delay: > > 1. Disable Right Zoom. – you can kill the task using activity monitor, then go to your System Prefs > Accounts > Log in items and remove RightZoom from the list. > > 2. You can add Photoshop to the RightZoom application exceptions list. Kill RightZoom, find the RightZoom app in your applications folder and hold the Command key down, then double click to launch which will open the configuration window. To add an application to the list of exceptions, it has to be running. So Launch Photoshop if it is not running and then you will see it as an option to Except. > > I am likely just behind the times on the second issue mentioned, which is that the keystroke shortcuts listed in submenus don’t have qualifier keys. Like « shift » + B to toggle through the brush options, for example. > > Thanks, James.

En effet, j’avais installé ce petit logiciel qui s’appelle RightZoom. Je me suis empressé à essayer l’option #2 et ça a marché instantanément! Merci forum d’Adobe! Merci James!

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